Physiotherapy is a paramedical profession focused on treating symptoms of the human musculoskeletal system. This may related to muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. Also, effects of function to nerves, brains, heart, lungs, and skin can be treated. The symptoms can be caused by an accident, overloading, changed posture or movement pattern, stress or aging. 

Our physiotherapists aim to stabilize, reduce or repair the dysfunction and the possible consequences. This can be done by exercise, mobilization of joints and muscles, inform / advise, exercises and physical therapy.


Rehabilitation is aimed at restoring or improving opportunities for people with permanent or long-term injury or a functional limitation. This involves problems due to illness, an accident, a sports injury or a congenital condition. In these cases, your muscle strength and mobility is in most cases increased. 

Manual Therapy

The goal of manual therapy is both better functioning of the joints and also improve posture and movements. Best known are the symptoms of the spine joints, but also this specialization of therapy is frequently used with symptoms of the arms and legs. 

Sports Physiotherapy

Our sports physiotherapist helps you if you have an injury or are over trained. A sports physical therapist understands what happens during sports and therefore understand, how you got injured. Sports Physiotherapy is intended for people who have become an injury during sports and as soon as possible want to resume their sport again.

McKenzie Therapy

The aim of the therapy is to be made independent of the patient and therapist therapy and to reduce the risk of recurrence. Self-sufficiency of the patient plays a central role; especially the physiotherapist has a role as a coach. McKenzie Therapie is largely “hands-off”. This means that the therapist only uses specific techniques when the patient independent not make progress anymore.

Pelvic floor Therapy 

Our Pelvic Physical therapist focuses on problems in or around the pelvis, abdomen, lower back and pelvic floor. Contrary to popular belief pelvic physiotherapy is not only meant for the pregnant woman, but also for men and children.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is a technique of physiotherapy that uses shock waves to reduce the pain in your body. The technique follows the principle of a stone crusher. A device sends sound waves through your skin to the site to be treated. This improves not only your local pain but also the general blood flow and metabolism in your body. 

Medical Taping

The principle of Medial Taping is: Activate instead of fixating on while maintaining the full functionality of the muscles. Medical Taping is used alongside conventional tape method and is, to us, proved to be a successful method in recent years. It is one of the possibilities to reduce existing problems and musculoskeletal function better.

Lymphatic drainage

Do you suffer from fluid build-up or edema in your body? Do your legs feel sore and heavy? Or do you suffer from swollen ankles? Then physiotherapy with lymphatic drainage can offer a solution. 

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